Bambu cutlery set

Bambu cutlery set

Coconut Bowl

  • 100% natural, handcrafted from discarded waste coconut shells
  • Use for noodles, salads, smoothies, porridge, desserts, rice, curry...ANYTHING!
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Coconut Bowls

  • Hand Wash w/ Warm Soapy Water
  • To prolong life rub inside w/ Coconut Oil (or other oil) Every 10 Uses
  • Do Not Expose to Extreme Heat
  • Do Not Use in Dishwasher, Oven or Microwave

Coconut bowls are gifts from nature, handcrafted from real coconuts discarded as waste. With every use you save a coconut, help the environment and support rural craftspeople.

These eco-friendly bowls are perfect for everything, from stir fry to smoothie bowl. Transport your whole family to a tropical paradise with every bite! Everything looks and tastes better from a Coconut Bowl.

Average size: 590ml (18-20oz), 13cm x 13cm x 6cm (5.3" x 5.3"x 2.5") 100% natural and handcrafted by rural artisans. Every Coconut Bowl is unique with it's own shape, colours and markings - they're 1 in a Million.

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